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West Brighton resident Richard Reichard was born in Richmond Hill Queens in 1953.  Although he was born in Queens, Reichard's Dutch ancestors settled on Staten Island in the 17th Century.  He is also of English, German, Irish and Italian heritage. 


Richard, the owner of a Bachelors Degree in Sociology from Baruch College, recently retired as Human Resources Director at the New York City Department of Finance.  His wife Denise is a retired Staten Island  Headstart Education Director.  


Reichard is a former President of the influential Staten Island Democratic Association (SIDA), the Island's oldest and largest Democratic club.  Most recently he was is the organization's Issues Chair.  He earned the reputation of being a policy wonk by being a prolific writer of issues white papers and letters to the editor, as well as organizing well  attended rallies around important issues such as protecting Social Security. 


He has written over 200 letters to the editor. As he knocks on doors while campaigning this year, more than one voter has asked, "Aren’t you the person who has written all those letters to the editor ." 


He entered this year's Congressional campaign to advocate for Staten Island and Brooklyn's working people.


He says the tax laws favor the wealthy and corporations, expanding income inequality and robbing the budget of a funding source that could be used to invest in the nation’s inadequate infrastructure, develop the technology to create tomorrow's jobs, make college affordable and address other policy priorities.


He will fight to preserve the current Medicare and Social Security systems from the not so secret Republican plans to replace them with voucher programs and private investment accounts, as well as attempts to raise eligibility and retirement ages.


Reichard wants to Change Washington by reducing money's influence on the political process.  An estimated $5 billion will be spent on this year's presidential election alone.  Campaign finance reform including overturning Citizen's United will be one of his legislative priorities if elected.