"I’m not running for Washington to change me,

I'm running to change Washington,"



My name is Richard Reichard and I'm running for Congress because I want:

  • You to be able to find and keep a job that allows you to provide for your family. 

  • Social Security & Medicare to be there when you, your children and grandchildren retire.

  • College to be affordable for everyone.

I'm not interested in going to Washington to cater to big money special interests.  I'm seeking your vote because:

  • I want to grow our economy and put millions of Americans to work at jobs that cannot be shipped overseas.  We can create the jobs of today by investing in much needed infrastructure improvement and the jobs of tomorrow by developing new technology.  To ensure that our workforce is qualified for the jobs of the future I will fight to make college affordable and student loan debt manageable.


  • I support a fairer tax system that eliminates loopholes the wealthy and corporations use to avoid paying their fair share.  However, I'm against raising taxes on the middle-class.


  • We must protect Social Security and Medicare.  I will defend against Social Security being replaced by private accounts, subject to the whims of the investment markets, Medicare from being replaced with vouchers and eligibility and retirement age increases.

The vast amount of money large corporations and Super PACs spend influencing elections and policy ($5 billion just for this year's presidential election) is corrupting our political process. To reduce big money's influence, I support a constitutional amendment granting Congress (nationally) and each state (locally), the authority to regulate campaign contributions  


I hope that I can count on your vote on November 8th.